Van Halen in Greenville, SC for August 10 Concert

A story reported today that Van Halen, the iconic rockers of the ’80’s have added an additional 18 concerts to their 2012 North American tour.  The BI-LO Center in Greenville will welcome Eddie, Wolfgang, Alex and David here for a second time.  The first Van Halen concert at the BI-LO Center featured a lineup which included frontman Sammy Hagar, so the David Lee Roth iteration for 2012 is a first for our town.

1981 Van Halen shirt
1981 Memories…

My first concert experience with Van Halen was in Pittsburgh, PA in 1981 and was memorable.  We arrived early, and made our way to a position standing directly in the front of the stage and centered on the floor of the old Civic Arena in “dahntahn” Pittsburgh.  We actually felt the first few Michael Anthony bass guitar notes as strongly as we heard them.  I remember the experience was similar to being punched in the chest (by a G#?), and the aural assault continued for a total of 19 more songs.

Everything came to a halt when someone tossed a firework towards the stage! The firework was much larger than a firecracker device, and it blew up dangerously close to David Lee Roth’s head.  After the explosion, the music suddenly stopped and . . . there was silence with David Lee Roth cupping his ears and bending over in pain from the sound of the explosion.  We all wondered what would happen next. The consummate showman stood back up and invited the firework fan (who was being hustled out by security) to meet him on the stage for some of his own fireworks. Then the music started again.

2012 promises to be a nostalgic walk for many Van Halen fans since the song mix features a majority of the band’s classic hits from previous decades.

Rock Tour Chiropractor Dr David MruzThe most amazing part of this concert is that the band is actually touring again.  Considering that 3 of the 4 members’ birthdays are well past the half century mark, this tour speaks volumes about their physical resilience.  The common denominator for many classic rockers and their ability to take to the road night after night for concert venues scattered across the globe is having a chiropractor on site prior to showtime.  I have personally had the pleasure to work with acts as classic and venerable as Def Leppard, Boston, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran and Nickelback.  Whether Van Halen makes the call to have me on hand or not, I know from their history that chiropractic care has been a staple resource on the road for these L.A. rockers to maintain their ability to tour.

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