A new study proves Chiropractic is More Effective than Medication for back pain

Study: Chiropractic is More Effective than Medication for Back Pain

New study proves chiropractic is better for back pain than medicine There seems to be a pill for almost everything these days. We live in a convenient magic pill society where everything is solved by a tiny pill; it seems almost too good to be true. Sadly, it is too good to be true, and many people are facing severe life-altering repercussions because of these “magic pills”, especially the most commonly used pain medications. Lasting effects can include dependency, endless increases in dosages due to increased tolerance, liver damage, ulcers, and decreased brain function, to name just a few.

Let’s first discuss pain. The direct cost of lower back pain to American society has been estimated to be approximately 86 billion annually, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In fact, lower back pain is the most common cause of disability in people under the age of 45.

Health care practitioners have long debated over which type of treatment is the most effective for chronic lower back pain. A recent study, published in the medical journal Spine, has begun to put an end to this debate. For years the medical profession has demanded more evidence in the form of randomized controlled clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic care for chronic lower back pain. The evidence is in, and what chiropractic patients and chiropractic physicians alike have known for decades has been demonstrated.

In the Spine study, 115 patients experiencing lower back pain for at least 13 weeks duration were randomly assigned to receive one of three interventions: medication, needle acupuncture or chiropractic manipulation.

One of the study’s most remarkable findings was that patients in the chiropractic manipulation group reported a 47 percent improvement, compared to only 15 percent for the acupuncture group and 18 percent for the medication group.

“In summary, the significance of the study is that for chronic spinal pain syndromes, it appears that spinal manipulation provided the best overall short-term results.”

Our office has experienced considerable success in relieving the cause of lower back pain. We use the state-of-the-art technology of computerized instrument analysis and adjusting to identify and treat the source of your lower back pain. In fact, for lower back pain of musculoskeletal origin, this revolutionary technology has received a patient satisfaction rating of over 92%.

If you or someone you know is suffering from lower back pain, you may want to consider being evaluated at our office. Please contact us, and we will send you more information about this technology, or you can call our office today to schedule your evaluation.  You have nothing to lose but your pain!

-Dr. David H. Mruz

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