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Now in Greenville! Spinal and Postural Rehabilitation is an answer to Chronic Back Pain

27 August on Back Pain, News and Events, Spinal Care Tips   Tags: , , , , , , , , , by DrMruz

Working with tools like exercise balls can help build strength and prevent recurring back pain As a chiropractor, my goal is to help my patients become pain-free. My desire, however, is to see my patients understand the reasons for why their pain began in the first place and to teach them how to correct those underlying causes. In the past, I have concentrated on educating patients about posture and illustrating home care maneuvers and exercises that would balance their supportive muscles. But even the most well-intentioned patients get sidetracked by their busy lives and no habit changes occur. To better address this challenge, I have added a rehab department to my practice. Spinal rehabilitation can help promote health and improve function and mobility.

Why Rehab?

Most people who consult with a chiropractor do so because of an acute neck or back problem, which usually heals quickly. But even though the episode resolves quickly, recent studies show that over time these problems tend to happen more often with increasing pain during each episode. Due to the repetitive stress the neck and back are exposed to during everyday life, injuries tend to reoccur. This happens because the function of the neck and back was not fully restored with chiropractic manipulation alone, even though the patient left our office pain-free. Resolution of these recurring episodes can best be achieved by restoring full function to not only spinal joints, but to the muscles, tendons and ligaments as well. Spinal rehabilitation, along with chiropractic, can help speed and facilitate this process.

Adding a spinal rehabilitation department will educate my patients on the proper way to do certain exercises and stretches that will strengthen and stabilize the spine. In addition to preventing recurring injuries, the exercises and maneuvers will improve muscle strength, motor control, and take pressure off the discs, joints, and ligaments. Rehab allows our patients to perform these exercises in a time-efficient manner, allowing them to get better faster. Chiropractic care adds to the benefits of spinal rehabilitation by restoring movement in addition to decreasing pain and muscle spasms.

Through our new rehab department, Eastside Chiropractic is pleased to offer both of these services under one roof in order to provide a consistent, practical model of care. In many cases, your insurance policy can participate with and pay for the majority of your rehabilitative care.  You can contact Colin to find out more at 864-292-6777.  If you or anyone you know could benefit from this service, please give us a call!

-Dr. David Mruz

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Adria Richards via Compfight

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