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A Chiropractor in Greenville SC: Why I Choose to Live Here

04 October on News and Events   by DrMruz

Falls Park, Greenville, SC

The city of Greenville South Carolina is an amazing place. When I moved to this town over 30 years ago, I came with an anticipation that this would be a great area to start a practice, plant roots and raise a family.  I wasn't disappointed.  I herald the attributes of my adoptive home town to all of my friends and family from other states, but the message of how wonderful this town really is, is best painted with pictures. The Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau recently released an amazing montage of upstate sights and sounds which I will re-post in this blog.


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  • Elkhart Chiropractor
    3 years ago - Reply

    Beautiful cover picture for your video. Thanks. :)

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